The recording took place in The Miners' Hall, Redhills, Durham, in October 2018, a singularly appropriate venue for a work that is rooted in the history of the county.

The CD features NASUWT Riverside Band, Voices of Hope and the Centenary Choir with soloists Bonnie Shaw, Hannah Reynolds and Euan Williamson. Charlie Hardwick and Micky Cochrane were the narrators and Mark Edwards the conductor.

Our thanks to everyone involved including Reed Ingram who supplied the recording equipment and much appreciated advice, Les Mommsen, sound engineer and Mark Edwards who was also sound editor.

This recording was made possible with generous support from The Ogilby Museums Trust . There was also a contribution from the Centenary Choir. Brenda Hall and Carole Kay, who both sing in the choir, opened a GoFundMe page to help support the making of the CD.  They raised sufficient contributions to ensure we at the NRRBT were able to deliver the project.

The CD is now available from Durham Music Shop, 17 High Street South, Langley Moor, Durham, DH7 8JN

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